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Dealer Direct – About Us

We are a family run business who have been involved in the car trade for many years.  With premises in Co. Armagh and in Dublin, we have been selling vehicles to Irelands Car Traders since 1995.  Through the quality of service we provide, with accurate and genuine descriptions of each vehicle, we have continued to strengthen our relationships with these car traders over the last 18 years (Remember in 1995 we could not send a picture of the vehicle through our smart phones, therefore accurate descriptions and honesty were relied upon heavily)!!


At Dealer Direct we are very hands on, which means you will be dealing with the descision makers at all times.  Forget the sales man speeches about how he cant offer discount without speaking to the manager, at Dealer Direct we will nail down the best price possible there and then!! 


We have extensive contacts for car sourcing throughout the UK and Ireland. If we do not have the car you are looking for currently, talk to us, we will have no problem sourcing the right one for you. We are very approachable and are always keen to make contact with new car traders.