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Dealer Direct Trade Car Sales


Why Buy From Dealer Direct?

From our base in Northern Ireland, we provide vehicles to the trade at very competitive prices.  Dealer Direct take the risk out of buying for car traders.  With each vehicle we sell, we provide a full detailed description of the vehicle before purchase, including any defects.  A full motor check report is supplied, and vehicles are delivered into your forecourt FREE OF CHARGE, to anywhere in Ireland.


Over the years we have built up a relationship with many of Ireland’s car traders, and we know exactly what they want to buy.  Some prefer the lower cost vehicles in need of some mechanical or body repairs; others prefer cars to perfection and ready for the forecourt.  Regardless of your preferences, Dealer Direct can help supply the stock for your business.  We are very competitive and provide very accurate descriptions on all vehicles.


If you have a customer wanting a specific vehicle or spec., and are having trouble sourcing one, Dealer Direct can help.  With extensive contacts for main dealer trade-ins, and buyers throughout UK, we have little problems in sourcing cars for Irish Traders.


We are always keen to do business with new car traders in Ireland, so call us today and let us know what you are interested in!!  If we dont know about about you, we cany offer you our competetively priced vehicles!!